The angel of love & hope london is now being exhibited in the very heart of battersea power station in a life size maquette sculpture in hand polished mirror stainless steel.

Battersea power station is a truly  historic and iconic building established in 1929 that later generated  a fith of all electricity providing light and energy to the great city of london , including the houses of parliament and buckingham palace and the essential underground and keep the very heart of london beating through the dark nights  and the dark days of the second world war so it is a great honour that the angel of love & hope london is being exhibited at this truly magnificent iconic building in the hope the angel will on day will become a true icon and loved by the people of london , and like the power station provide light energy and a true force of positivity for the great city and people of London and become the very heart and soul of the of not just london but of this truly wonderfully building that is a testimony to mans ingenuity and accomplishments the hope of artist Christopher Shellis is the he can build and create an angel on a much larger scale after the initial exhibition for a permanent installation.